Boese Commercial - Leasing, Management, & Sales


Need a Broker to help you with the sale or purchase of investment property?
Look no further than Boese Commercial!

Looking To Sell?

The Boese Commercial team provides superior marketing coverage for the property and works
with the owner to ensure all information is accurate and produced in an attractive manner.
We leverage technology to the owner’s advantage and asses each sale’s individual needs to
put together a plan of action.

Looking To Buy?

The Boese Commercial team searches the surrounding market to help you find an investment property that will bring you success! We have a keen eye for gems in the Fresno market and can help guide you in the right direction.

Sales Services Provided:

  • Professional and specialized marketing campaign
  • Field any and all investor inquiries
  • Show the property to all interested parties
  • Extensive due diligence

Properties We Service: